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Paramount Management & Realty started in 2010 and has since been serving a wide range of property management services to the different areas in Phoenix.

We take care of single-family homes, condos, apartment units, townhomes, and multi-property units.

Areas Paramount Management Serve

Whatever your property needs, we’re ready to help you achieve your goals. We have effective marketing methods, organized systems, and a professional approach to everything we do. We ensure legal compliance, easy access to financial data, and proper coordination when it comes to property maintenance and repairs.

If you have a property in Casa Grande you wish to be managed by Paramount Management & Realty, give us a call at 623-688-5844. We also offer a free rental analysis consultation. We stand committed to helping each client with their specific property needs.

How much rent can you get for your investment?

Our market analysis helps landlords and us make data-informed decisions about their rental property, including rate estimates and other information so they can invest and manage their investment property more wisely.

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Our Property Management Services

At Paramount Management & Realty, our goal is for our clients to enjoy the optimal returns from their property investments. We also offer our in-depth knowledge, skills, and professional expertise. Mistakes can be costly so we ensure our clients will be stress-free in terms of the financial and operational aspects of the business.

The following are services we offer:

Marketing Icon

Marketing of Your Rental Property

Is marketing particularly burdensome for you?

Are your marketing resources limited?

If yes, let Paramount Management & Realty assist you.

We want you to enjoy a steady stream of income, so we ensure that vacant units are avoided. We use multiple websites to list your properties to ensure they are viewed by the maximum number of people.

Paramount Management & Realty focuses on results and speed. We are tenacious when it comes to bringing a wider pool of applicants to you. We look for ways that we can achieve this by using traditional and contemporary strategies.

Tenant Screening Icon

Tenant Screening Process

Is your time limited to meet potential tenants and conduct an intensive screening?

Tenant Screening Process

We put a premium on following the proper tenant screening procedure. We want you to have quality tenants who pay rent promptly, won’t cause nuisance, and who are responsible.

Paramount Management & Realty pays close attention to all pertinent documents submitted by prospective tenants. It’s imperative that they have the financial capability or adequate earnings to meet the monthly payment. We conduct background checks, ask for credit reports, and pay attention to criminal records. Additionally, we also check for previous landlord references. We are meticulous when it comes to tenant screening, as we believe it’s the key to enjoying good rental property returns.

Rent Collection Icon

Rent Collection

Is rent collection wearisome for you?

Do you frequently experience tenants paying their rent late or skipping months for payment?

If yes, let us help you in this regard.

Rent collection is our expertise and we incorporate enforceable policies in our lease agreement. Right from the start, we make the responsibilities of the tenants clear to pay their monthly obligation promptly.

Paramount Management & Realty has wonderful payment channels. There are various online arrangements set up to make it easy for them to pay anytime and anywhere.

Maintenance Icon

Property Repairs & Maintenance

Do you find handling property repairs and maintenance tiresome?

Are you always short on time and have trouble keeping up with the endless property upkeep requests?

Maintaining a property is a primary responsibility of the owner. State laws dictate that they must be in a habitable condition for the tenants. It must meet the correct housing, health, and building codes. Otherwise, tenants can withhold payment and are allowed to break their lease. To avoid this issue, Paramount Management & Realty can manage your property.

Property Management Company Managing Properties

Regular inspections will be performed and detailed reports will be prepared. Professional contractors will also conduct your property’s maintenance work. You will spend less due to the fact that we get reduced prices from our long-term partnerships with local vendors and service providers.

Financial Reporting Icon

Detailed Financial Reporting

Is organizing your financial records exhausting for you?

Do you find yourself often missing receipts and unable to balance your financial statements?

A good system for financial reporting is essential for your day-to-day tracking. It’s also useful for tax season. An organized record keeping will keep you from experiencing a giant headache.

We understand this, so we invest in a software that allows you to monitor your financial growth. Hiring us will give you reassurance in terms of the accuracy of your profit and expenses records.

About Casa Grande, AZ

Casa Grande is a city between Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona. It’s part of the Pinal County. Its name is derived from the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument.

Casa Grande, Arizona is considered a great place to live for its variety of entertainment, pleasant winters, and low cost of living. It’s proximity to Phoenix, with its half hour drive makes it ideal for people who enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city but also prefer the serenity of a small town.

Residents of Casa Grande, Arizona get to enjoy the following local sights:

  • Palm Island Aquatic Park
  • Caywood Farm
  • Picacho Peak State Park
  • Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch
  • The Domes
  • Casa Grande Ruins
  • The Museum of Casa Grande
  • Western Trading Post
  • Horseshoe Park & Equestrian Center
  • San Tan Mountain Regional Park
- data researched from Wikipedia

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