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Why You Should Invest in Real Estate Over the Stock Market

Paramount Management & Realty - Tuesday, July 26, 2022

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When you successfully invest in any market, it can really establish some financial freedom for you. But with so many investment options that you can choose from, what is the best and most stable investment for you?

Stocks and real estate investments are the two most popular investment options that are available. In this article, we at Paramount Management & Realty will explore the benefits of investing in real estate as opposed to the stock market to help you make the right decision for your financial future and your taxes.

Consistent Cash Flow 

Purchasing an income-producing rental property and managing it well gives you a great chance at a steady income. But your investment doesn’t need to be in residential properties. Commercial properties like strip malls are among the great cash-generating opportunities besides rental properties.

But not all investment properties are profitable. Purchasing land, for example, entails paying money each month until you resell it to a developer or begin construction there.

The opportunity for cash flow from stock investments is far lower than that of investments in real estate. This is because stocks are long-term investments that only mature when they are sold. 

Even with a dividend payout, whether received monthly, quarterly, or annually. The cash flow is much lower than the monthly earnings you could receive from letting a home.

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Outsourcing Investment Management 

The management obligation of a real estate investment can be a challenge. As the owner and investor, you're responsible for filling vacant positions, collecting rent, maintaining the building, and paying taxes, utilities, and insurance premiums, among many other responsibilities.

Fortunately, you have the option to hire an expert to handle all these responsibilities, such as an established property management firm. With the help of a property management company, you can more revenue from your investment as you have expert help to avoid high costs like maintenance, or evictions. 

Property management costs are typically affordable in contrast to mutual fund management fees, which you can pay for the management of your stock assets. The income you'll make from a well-managed rental property will quickly outweigh them.

Stocks are Volatile

Real estate is generally considered a hedge against inflation and is generally a much more stable investment. Historically, property investments appreciate faster than inflation if you choose a desirable community.

In contrast, stock values are volatile. Market volatility is to be expected in the short term, and so investments can falter if the industry you’re investing in doesn’t recover. Your $100 stock could rapidly change to $50 or $150. Consequently, investors may find this stressful procedure, and it renders budgeting much more difficult.

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Real Estate Values Appreciate 

If you make an investment in the real estate sector for a sufficient amount of time, it is likely that its value will increase. These situations are uncommon, and the property's market value normally only drops only for a short time.

Land and buildings typically increase in value, rendering your investment worth higher than you initially paid for it. By making the appropriate renovations, you can also increase the property's value.

Tax Write-Offs

The IRS gives you the opportunity for many exemptions if you own investment properties. For example, you can deduct any costs associated with maintaining the property from your tax. Property taxes, mortgage interest, property management fees, and expenses for upkeep and repairs are all deductible, which can overall improve your ROI.

But only when stocks are included in charity donations or pension scheme installments do they become subject to a tax-deductible.


Capital Gains Tax Can Be Deferred

Capital gains taxes are due when selling equities. But if you buy a "like-kind" investment after selling your real estate, you might be eligible to postpone paying capital gains taxes.

The 1031 Exchange procedure allows you to switch one rental property for another one in order to postpone paying taxes. Here are some instances of properties that could be eligible for a 1031 Exchange:

  • Changing undeveloped land for an apartment building
  • Trading petroleum & energy earnings for a ranch
  • Trading a real estate asset for a commercial, industrial, or residential rental property

Like-kind properties do not include stocks, trust certificates, bonds, trading stocks, or inventory. These are assets that typically do not meet the requirements for a 1031 Exchange.

The Bottom Line

Stock market investment opportunities and property investment both have their incentives and uncertainties. But investing in real estate is, generally, a better option if your objective is to maximize earnings, lower risks, and broaden your portfolio.

While managing real estate investments may need time and effort, there is always the alternative of hiring assistance.

Since 2010, Paramount Management & Realty has been acknowledged as a market pioneer in the nearby real estate sector. We are proud of our heavy presence in property management as well. We additionally participate actively in the NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers) neighborhood.

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