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How to Know if Your Rental Meets Safety Standards

Paramount Management & Realty - Monday, January 31, 2022

safety standards

When safety is discussed from a property perspective, landlords often think about how to deter malicious parties from accessing the property. But other potential dangers can hurt your investment in real estate. These dangerous elements can be in the form of fires, electrical issues, and toxic substances on the property.  

Safety means protecting renters from all manner of elements and risks, no matter how unlikely. Tenants will appreciate knowing that you prioritize their wellbeing. In most cases, safety standards have been outlined in the landlord-tenant laws and other local laws. 

So, what should a potential rental property owner or tenant look out for? With years of experience in property management, Paramount Management & Realty knows the ins and outs of running a successful rental property. The article below outlines some requirements on maintenance, health, hygiene, and more! 

The Age of Your Rental Property 

Property owners are sometimes ignorant of the effect of normal wear and tear (also known as physical deterioration) on their property. The older a rental property is, the higher the possibility of frequent renovations.

As the property owner, you might be required to carry out inspections on the foundation, the crawl space, the superstructure, and the roof as well. Paramount Management & Realty also advises that the quality of the tenant in your rental property will determine the rate of wear and tear. That’s where the use of a detailed tenant screening solution comes into place. 

rental property ageA rental property has to be in good condition all year round to guarantee lower vacancy rates and stable rental income. Rely on Paramount Management & Realty to provide top-notch property inspection and maintenance services! 

Doors and Windows 

You might be surprised by the statistics revealing the percentage of intruders who come in through the front and back doors in the United States. If you want to enjoy the benefits of long-tenancy, you will need to check and upgrade the security features of your property. Even in safe areas, it’s best to take the proper precautions. 

For starters, you will need to ensure that the frames of the doors and windows are strong, and also install heavy exterior doors. Heavy doors are not only a deterrent to intruders but also help control the temperature inside the house. 

In addition, we recommend that you secure your windows. Most windows come with latches as a default opening mechanism. You can replace them with lever tumbler locks that offer your tenants additional safety. 

If you want to include a mail slot on the door, only make it a small opening that doesn’t allow someone to open it from the outside. 

securing your rental property

Most landlords forget to include an emergency exit on their property. If you own a multi-rental property, it’s also important to have a fire assembly point

Floors, Walls, and Ceilings

Different rooms of the rentals will require a different type of flooring, depending on their function. For example, a wooden floor can be for the living room and tiles for the washroom. Regardless of the material, utilize only non-slip and durable material that will minimize the possibility of a fall or damages. 

This rule also applies to common areas like staircase, corridors, and balconies. Furthermore, the landlord is responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of common areas. Appropriate signs should be put out during the cleaning of such areas. 

As for the walls of the property, they should be waterproof, smooth, and offer substantial protection from the heat. There is also the issue of possible infestation by termites and ants when walls aren't secured properly. 

The ceilings should be without leakage and have proper insulation. During the hottest times of summer, a tenant should not feel overheated and uncomfortable by spending a day in the house. 

Landlords should check that the materials used for their floors, walls, and ceiling are non-toxic in nature. For example, the use of asbestos and lead-based products has been prohibited due to its harmful side effects. 

Electrical Installations  

The installation of your rental property must be compliant with the current provisions on electrical regulations. It’s the responsibility of the landlord to stay on top of this and ensure that the electricity provided meets the demands of the property. 

keeping your rental property safe

In the case of faulty switches, brownouts, and overloading, flammable material in the rental space can catch fire, leading to irreversible damage to the property. Such scenarios are often uninsurable since the adjusters can claim that you were negligent in the construction and maintenance of the property. 

Bottom Line 

From the information detailed above, you can appreciate the time, effort, and resources needed to meet safety standards. In addition to basic rental safety standards, you also need an understanding of local, state, and federal laws that apply. This is a long learning process, but Phoenix property owners can skip this by getting in touch with the leading service provider in the area, Paramount Management & Realty

We are professionals in Phoenix residential property management. Our team not only knows the local property market but also stays updated on any changes in property laws. With us as your property partner, we place great tenants, keep them happy, and have your real estate investment be protected from any security risks. 

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